Startup Silver Bundle: Package Deal


Startup Silver Bundle: Package Deal

This package is not only about features, but the value it will bring for your start-up, Business Digital Optimization has solved and helped start-up businesses and operating businesses save on cost and digital onboarding processes, it will save you time, money, and shooting in the air hoping to hit the target, we bring the goal post closer, so you save time, money, resources and optimize on results.

*Perfect for start-up businesses or active small businesses willing to optimize digital processes.


Startup Silver Bundle: Package Deal

Each Item carries its own features
– Confirm on each Item (The List would be too long if each Item Feature is Listed)

  • Website: Startup Package
  •  Maintenance: Basic Plan (12 Months)
  •  Social Media Management: Facebook Starter (3 Months)
  •  Business Digital Opt. Paid Consultations (1 Full session & follow up)
  •  E. Mail Support
  •  SEO: 10% Discount x 3 Months (Startup)


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