Pre Post SEO

Pre Post SEO


What is Pre-post SEO

Firstly we have to correct and align the SEO industry to the right direction, the reason for this article is to correct and give the right definition, education, clarity, and explanation to the Creative, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization industry.

Many in the industry believe the notion that  Pre-Post SEO means a process of checking if your SEO optimization is correct before posting it, although that is correct in part, it is not a complete explanation. The true meaning of Pre-post SEO is the assessment administered at the beginning of the SEO process and at the end of the SEO process to determine the SEO campaign results and achievement which has occurred during the SEO campaign duration. So it is in two parts.

The reason for the confusion and misconception is due to many SEO tools & software companies that are trying to sell their tools to SEO experts by hinting that their tools are one size fit all and are all in one, which is a misconception, and at times, done intentionally.

Pre post SEO explained in simple terms

Pre Post SEO Explained

Although this sounds like a mouthful, trust me, you will understand it better and will be able to perform your own Pre Post SEO processes by the end of this article.

Pre Post SEO in simple terms

So in simple terms, it is best to understand that Pre Post SEO is a process that includes two stages, Pre (before) and Post(after) to gauge the results of both processes (Pre SEO & Post SEO) and the overall achievement of both or the entirety of the processes results.

What is SEO

I may believe that as you read this article, you do understand and know the meaning of SEO but just for clarity, SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo, etc.) with the aim to grow, expose or improve the website’s position in search results pages.

What is SEO in Pre Post SEO

Remember, the higher the website is listed in search engine results, the more people will see it, and the more value in Leads, Sales you will get. That can also be for a blog, Product, or anything that you are trying to get exposure to, online.

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Why would you use Pre Post SEO?

There are thousands of reasons why you would need or use Pre Post SEO and it is used in many industries, more than you can even imagine.

Various applications of Pre Post SEO

In simple terms, Pre-post SEO is used in any form or process that would require SEO.

Various Pre Post SEO Tools to use

Different Tools for Pre Post SEO

Tools that are used in the pre-post SEO processes differ per industry, here we will cover tools that can be used in Websites, Blogs, and Sales & marketing campaigns (E-commerce)

Pre post SEO Tools

  1. Semrush
  2. AHref
  3. Pre Post SEO 
  4. Grammarly
  5. RankMath
  6. SEO Yoast
  7. Answer the Public
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google Search Console
  10. Screaming Frog

All these tools are different and can serve various purposes, for example, Semrush can perform Keyword research, SEO Audits, and compile reports for post SEO reporting. Screaming frog can analyze broken links, meta tags, and errors, while SEO Yoast can help you optimize your content. If you would like us to break down the SEO tools in a manner that will rank them from 1 to 10 based on function, and stage importance please let me know in the comment section and I will do so.

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How can you apply Pre Post SEO

To make it simple, I will demonstrate a simple, basic manner of how you can perform a blog post, pre-post SEO process from start to finish using some of the tools listed above.

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Applying Pre Post SEO for a Blog

applying pre post seo processes

To make it simple, I will demonstrate a simple, basic manner of how you can perform a blog post, pre-post SEO process from start to finish using some of the tools listed above.

Firstly before any blog writing process, one will first have to find the topic. That can be done by using Google Trends or Answer the Public. After the process of finding the Topic, preferably the one that is not fully answered, just like we did with this topic, we found that it has not been answered in full and most articles about Pre Post SEO are vague.

Google is one of the largest, biggest, and smartest search engine, it is all about giving good value to the reader and will select or show a page that gives a right, detailed answer to a question. So it is best to find topics that are not yet answered or give a better detailed, simple answer to a specific question. Once you understand this concept, it will help you in finding the right topic and structuring perfect content for your readers.

Now that you have your title, and you have researched its need (many people are asking the question – search volume) it is about structuring it correctly. 

Tools that can be used here are:  answer the public & Grammarly to set up your post and check it for errors.

If you are using a website or doing Pre-post SEO for a website, tools like Yoast and or RankMath can help in optimizing your content and keywords.

After completing, and publishing your post or blog you can now use Google Analytics or Google Search Console to assess how users are interacting with your content, and gauge your marketing results.

This is the most basic explanation, if you would like a full breakdown or a coaching lesson on how to research, write and publish a competitive blog please follow our YouTube Page and subscribe to this blog, for more educational materials (for free!)


Pre-post SEO is a two-stage process and it is very complex in the beginning but if you follow the right procedures it can be very simple and make your life easier, whether you are a social media marketer, SEO content creator, or a blogger who enjoys sharing information online.

If you are however using your online time for profit or using your blog for generating revenue, Pre-Post SEO can make you or break you, it can make you a lot of money through ad revenue and help your content, website, or product get seen by thousands online.

Want to learn more about Digital Marketing? We have a whole blog about it, check it here!

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